French Thomas Creative is an agency that produces innovative arts, culture, and educational experiences. We create, develop, advise, and market. We work with cultural entrepreneurs to bring film festivals to life, established gallerists to spearhead global visual arts exhibitions, and city governments to leverage local strengths into unforgettable events.  We also work with select brands to showcase products and services in new and experiential ways. We are passionate about art, community, cities, social change, and the power of culture to delight, educate, and transform. 

The Name: French Thomas was our founder’s great uncle; a legendary dandy who lived in rural Kentucky in the mid-twentieth century. The company is named for him in our pursuit of fresh narratives about people and places.

We provide:

  • Event Production 
  • Cultural Planning
  • Exhibition Design
  • Project Management
  • Program Development
  • Editorial Content
  • Experiential Marketing
  • Arts Administration Support
  • Arts Education Consulting

Meet our


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Ariana: Founder and Director

In 2011, Ariana brought Parisian art festival Nuit Blanche to Washington, DC, and has since served as the creative director of Art All Night. Using AAN as a springboard, she now plans events full-time with FTC. Previously, Ariana managed international cultural exchange programs at Meridian International Center. Her writing on travel, culture, and foreign affairs has appeared in The Huffington Post, Trace, Marie Claire, the Foreign Service Journal, and The Washington Post. Ariana has a Master’s in Arts, Education, and Creative Writing from Harvard University.

Michelle: Special Projects Coordinator

With a background in international relations, Michelle has a passion for artistic projects that bridge cultural divides and inspire new connections, whether between countries or within communities. Michelle previously worked on international projects at Berlin cultural organization Kulturprojekte Berlin, GmbH. Michelle has a Master’s in Arts in International Affairs from Sciences Po Paris.

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